5 Tips for Getting Published as a Wedding Photographer

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I don’t know about you but when I started my journey as a wedding photographer I really wanted to see my work gracing the pages of my favorite wedding magazines or blogs.  After a lot of trial and error when it came to submitting and after a lot of denials, I was finally able to figure out exactly what I needed to include in my wedding submission that would make my chances of getting published a little greater.

Now maybe you weren’t like me and never really thought twice about getting published.  If that’s the case then I have something that may change your mind!  Getting published can help you move up those Google search engine rankings!  I currently rank on the first page of Google for my keywords and if you look at the backend of my website, the reason why I’m ranking on page one isn’t necessarily because I have amazing SEO on my website but it’s more so because I have so many different publications linking back to my website that Google has rewarded me.  Every time you get published the publication will include a backlink to your website.  This helps your SEO tremendously!  When a relevant wedding website adds backlinks to your website it tells Google think that you are are a credible source and rewards you by moving you up those search engine results.  Last year alone, I had 414 backlinks to my website and the vast majority of those were from publications.  I know you will want to start submitting weddings, or really any genre, for publication after hearing all about the SEO benefits!

If you are currently struggling to get your weddings published, then keep reading for my top five tips!

 1) Write A Submission Story That Provides A Lot Of Information About The Couple and The Wedding

Editors and anyone reading the publication, does not know the couple, their love story, or what went on during the wedding day.  You really want to make sure you are writing a submission story that tells all of these details.  Focus your submission story on what you can’t necessarily see from the images.  Talk about anything special that may have happened on the wedding day, mention the DIY details, mention any sentimental items that the couple may have used, etc.  You will also want to tell the couple’s love story since this is the basis on why the wedding is even happening!  Talk about how and when the couple met, how long they’ve been together, when they got engaged, and how the proposal happened.  The more you write about the wedding and the couple, the less the editor has to write.  Providing a great submission story can help your submission get accepted for publication.

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2) Send Over Lots Of Detail Images

A mistake that a lot of photographers make when choosing images for their submission is they focus on the couple portraits.  While couple portraits are obviously important, they shouldn’t make up the bulk of your images.  Wedding blogs and magazines exist because they are a source of inspiration for couples who are planning their wedding.  Those detail images are what provide that inspiration.  Couples want to look at the real wedding features and want to see all of the decor and details to see if they can use what they are seeing for their own wedding day.  When you start choosing the images to send over for publication, make sure you send over lots and lots of detail photos- photos of the ceremony decor, reception decor, outfit details, etc.

3) Research The Publication You Are Submitting ToCG WPPI-CG WPPI-0010 (3)

Wedding blogs and magazines each have a niche that they cater too- photography style, geographical area, wedding theme, etc.  Before you submit to a publication, take the time to make sure that the wedding you are sending over matches the type of weddings that they publish.  Most publications will have a submission info page on their website where they will tell you exactly what they are looking for.  Looking at their recent real wedding features as well as their Instagram page can help you get a quick visual representation of what type of weddings and photography they cater towards.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the wedding or your photography is, if it doesn’t match what the publication publishes then it will be an automatic denial.  Taking a few moments to research the publication can make sure  it’s a great fit for the wedding you want to submit and will make sure you don’t waste your time submitting to a publication that isn’t the best fit.

4) Include All Of The Vendor Info 

Publications want to give credit where credit is due and that is not just to you for your beautiful images but also to all of the over vendors that were a part of making the wedding happen.  Include a vendor  list with your submission that lists every single vendor who was a part of the wedding day.  Include the vendor’s websites as well so the editors won’t have to try to figure out which vendor to credit. If you have a wedding that was heavy on the DIY details and may not have a lot of vendors to credit, that’s okay!  Talk about those DIY elements so the editors know that the couple was hands on with those aspects of the wedding day.

5) Keep The Seasons and Holidays In Mind While Submitting

While submitting your weddings for publication, you will want to keep the seasons and holidays in mind.  Once a season or holiday passes, a publication isn’t going to feature a wedding that doesn’t match the current season or holiday.  Couples don’t want to see summer weddings in the winter or Halloween themed weddings after Halloween.  You also need to remember that publications fill their editorial calendars in advance so you will want to submit your weddings at the beginning of a season or the season prior so you will give the editor time to view the submission and get it on their editorial calendar.  If you photograph an amazing wedding at the end of a season, it’s best to save that wedding to submit it next year before that season starts.


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Jasmine Norris

Jasmine Norris-Dixson is an award winning and published wedding photographer for the romantic and joyful couples who want their wedding day to be authentic. Rooted in the belief that an image should last a lifetime, she captures the joy and love, the laughter and tears, the little details and the big events not just for her couples but for the generations to come. Her work has been featured in over 100 publications including The Knot, Bridal Guide, Rock n’ Roll Bride, Gay Weddings, Huffington Post, and more.