Canvas For A Cause - EFAA Holiday Canvas Project

Canvas For A Cause

Over this past Holiday season, CG Pro Prints had the opportunity to provide canvas prints to families in need through the Emergency Family Assistance Association, or EFAA. The project was spearheaded by Will Kaufman, a junior at Fairview High School and aspiring photographer from Boulder, CO. Both studious and athletic, Kaufman enjoys subjects like science and math and his interests include basketball, track and, of course, photography. Kaufman started taking pictures in 2nd grade using his parents' cameras and really enjoyed the aspect of saving moments in time. What interests Kaufman most about photography is the ability to use technology to create images that are hard to see in everyday life such as star trails, time-lapse videos and high-speed imagery. His favorite subjects include portraits and astrophotography projects.

Kaufman decided to volunteer his photography services to the families receiving assistance from EFAA and thus the project was born. Kaufman saw this as a way to give back to his community while developing his photography skills for a good cause.

"A lot of the families had never had their portraits taken before." Kaufman stated when asked about the overall process. "It was an amazing experience."

Located in Boulder, Colorado, the Emergency Family Assistance Association provides support for families, seniors and people with disabilities who have immediate needs for food, housing and other basic necessities. EFAA also operates case work for these families to help them receive support and resources toward financial stability and self-sufficiency.

Canvas For A Cause
EFAA's main office in Boulder, CO

To kick off the project, Kaufman scheduled portrait sessions with the families over his school's Holiday break. Once complete, he asked CG Pro Prints to help with the final step of the process.

"Will reached out to us to assist with this project by providing canvas prints for the families whose portraits he had taken," reflects Erin Meyer, Director of Customer Service for CG Pro Prints. "We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the local community and support a great organization like EFAA."

Kaufman delivered canvases to the families throughout the Holiday season. All families that received the canvases were extremely thankful and surprised by such a thoughtful gift around the Holidays. Due to the success of the project, Kaufman already looks forward to volunteering his services again later this year.

Click here to learn more about EFAA.
You can also check out Will Kaufman's photography website here.

Have you ever volunteered your photography services for a great cause? Let us know in the comments, we'd love to hear about it!

Megan Sievert

Megan Sievert