Edit Photos Anywhere, on Any Device, with Adobe's Lightroom CC


 Adobe Lightroom CC Cross Device

Adobe announced some big news for photographers at the Adobe MAX conference October 18th. Fans of Lightroom for photo editing, rejoice! Now, you can edit your images anywhere via the cloud on any device.

Edit RAW photos on your phoneThis is a pretty big deal, especially for photographers who rely on their tablets or phone to work on the go. Because everything is stored in the cloud, you can now edit RAW images on an iPad, your Android phone, PC, wherever – no longer having to worry about storage issues that previously made this impossible. Lightroom CC comes with 1TB of cloud storage, with the option to go up to 5TB or 10TB so you can have access to your full library of images anywhere. It’s also just nice having the added security of an offsite backup of all your photos.

Adobe has taken great strides to create cross-platform consistency with Lightroom CC’s UI. It looks and feels exactly the same no matter the device you’re using. This streamlined workflow makes it so easy to pick up and edit under any circumstance. And, because everything is instantaneously synced to the cloud, the edits you make over here, immediately show up over there. Change something on your desktop, it’s immediately accessible with all the same settings on your phone.

Object Detection Adobe Lightroom CC

Perhaps one of the most convenient additions to Lightroom CC is Object Detection. You don’t have to manually tag your photos anymore! How cool is that?! Using Adobe Sensei machine learning technology, Lightroom CC is smart enough to know exactly what’s in an image. Type in “water” and all your photos with water in them or anything related to water will show up. It’s sophisticated enough that during Adobe’s MAX keynote, they typed “Desert Truck” and it pulled up the one photo in their library with a truck sitting in a sandy desert. This will save countless hours of organizing and searching. 

Selective Photo Editing Adobe Lightroom CC
Another standout feature is the improvements they’ve made on Selective Edits for your photos. Want to adjust color saturation, but only on the top half of an image? No problem. Want to specifically highlight an object in the foreground that isn’t quite light enough? Done. None of the changes in Lightroom CC are destructive. You can make adjustments to your heart’s content but always revert back to the original. Lightroom CC also integrates a number of features from Adobe Camera Raw for converting and linearizing RAW data from digital cameras. Whenever you want to share a RAW image, you can just send a link.

Adobe Lightroom CC is
available right now as a standalone service for $9.99/month and 1TB of cloud storage or in a bundle along with Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC and 20GB of cloud storage for the same price.  There’s also a free trial so you can test it out before you commit. Those of you who already have the All App Adobe suite get Lightroom CC for free. So, what do you think? Will Lightroom CC be your new photo editing software standard? Do you think it will make it easier to create amazing pieces of work on canvas or photo prints? Or, have companies like Apple and Google taken the lead with their own cloud-based editing services? Let us know in the comments, below.



AJ McDonald