8 Things You’ll Learn at the FEMINIST Disrupted Inclusion Summit 


FEMINIST Disrupted is an online learning platform that provides entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, photographers, and industry leaders with affordable knowledge to help them develop more inclusive businesses. We seek to redefine normal as diverse and inclusive and believe that anyone who wants to be a part of that effort should have the ability to do so. 

We are firm believers that everyone should have access to affordable materials that assist them in their understanding of diversity and inclusion. That desire is why we’re launching this affordable learning platform by offering a FREE inclusion summit from January 29 – February 2, 2018. Whether you’ve been in the photography business for years or you’re just getting started, we think you’ll love what Feminist Disrupted is all about.

The summit will be packed full of valuable information and resources to help you incorporate inclusion into your business, as well as a few goodies from the incredibly generous sponsorship of dedicated organizations like CG Pro Prints. By signing up for you the summit, you’ll have the ability to learn the following tips and more!

1) How to Perform an Inclusion Audit on Your Business

Developing a plan to become more inclusive as a business requires a clear and honest assessment of where it is you’re starting from. Performing an inclusion audit will allow you to have an accurate picture of the areas in which you're currently excelling, as well as those in which you have the most opportunities. We’ll teach you how to run the audit and provide you with a free template for getting started.

2) How to Identify Your Diverse Market

These submarkets exist and are consistently underserved and undervalued. If you aren’t being intentional about our inclusion efforts, it is very likely that you will be missing out on reaching those people. This isn’t to say that you’ll need to sell your business to every person of color or to every member of the LGBTQ+ communities. We just want you to know that you have people within those communities and show you how to reach them.  

3) Ways to Include Visual Representation of Your Diverse Market

This is the area that always gets tricky for many photographers out there. Sometimes, we just aren’t as exposed to marginalized communities as we’d like. That makes building portfolios that are inclusive of images that represent underserved communities very hard. Fret not, however. We’ve got some tips for you to help you overcome those hurdles.

4) How to Incorporate Inclusive Language in Your Brands Voice

Words matter now more than ever as our country grows more aware of the areas of systemic exclusion of certain communities. We will teach you the basics of inclusive language and when and where to use it. From web copy, to blogs, to social media posts, and in-person interactions, we’ll walk you through the many ways inclusive language can be used to signal to marginalized communities that you are a business who takes pride in telling their stories and serving them.

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5) How to Develop Inclusive Marketing Strategies

We’ll show you how to define your diverse market and provide you with inclusive marketing strategies for how to reach them. Included will be SEO tips, ways to communicate your inclusiveness as a brand, and how to create campaigns that avoid many of the culturally insensitive mistakes we’re all capable of when we haven’t taken the time to truly know our markets.

6) The Ways Image Creators Can Redefine Normal as Diverse and Inclusive

As photographers and creatives, this is one of our favorite topics to teach on. We have an incredible amount of influence as image creators, even those of us just starting out. We all strive to tell stories that are authentic and true. The stories we tell through photos will always be a part of the larger narrative in society. From conveying consent, to body positivity, to how we edit darker skin colors. We’ll show ways those stories can also become a small, but important, part of building a counter narrative that redefines normal as diverse and inclusive.

7) The Benefits of Creating an Inclusion Checklist for Accountability

As with all the other business goals we’ve set for ourselves at the beginning of this year, accountability is key to achieving out inclusion goals as well. One of the best ways to do that is by having an easy-to-navigate actionable checklist to help us remember and develop routines in this area. We’ll provide you with a free template of our inclusion checklist and walk you through how to use it for your business. 

8) Where to Continue Learning About Marginalized Identities

There are no one-time solutions to growing and maintaining an inclusive business. As society changes and as your own personal levels of awareness change, so too should your approach to reaching and serving your diverse clients. The best way to set yourself up for success in that area is to keep learning. Since there is quite a lot of information out there, we will be sure to leave you with a few tips and suggestions on where to start. 

Our main goal with the 2018 Inclusion Summit is to provide FREE quality information to those who can benefit from it. As you can see, we aren’t holding back on the content during this event. That just isn’t how we roll. We want you to complete our summit feeling equipped on day one to get out there and lead by example as an inclusive business.

Reserve your seat now and we’ll see you on Monday, January 29! 

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