Acrylic, Metal or Canvas? Know Where Each Print Sells Best

 Have you been working to increase sales of your artwork or photography?  As an internationally-collected artist selling multiple prints each week, one of my secrets is truly understanding client and décor needs — and then marketing with these in mind.  Here are guidelines I've developed for selling 4 different types of popular prints.

Figure 1. Framed Canvas

Canvas Wraps

When selling to discerning clients who want museum-grade, archival-quality prints, canvas wraps are the perfect solution. They are classic and elegant. Even though I’m an artist, I can’t tell the difference between an original painting and one of these prints from a few feet away. Even the brushstrokes are visible! My clients rave about canvas wraps due to the professional, polished look. Because they are designed to stay taut and flat and don’t fade, they are easily marketed to business clients who have busy, high-traffic spaces.

Framed Canvas Wraps

Clients who want a formal look and have a little extra money to spend will often opt for framed canvas prints. They really set off a print and add that extra wow factor.  When selling to commercial venues and office spaces, I recommend framed canvas wraps to create an upscale atmosphere. CG Pro Prints frames come in white, walnut and black giving clients so many options for coordinating their artwork with their furniture and décor.

Figure 2. Water on Metal Print


Metal Prints

Do you have customers who want a modern or industrial look?  Or customers who need art for outdoor spaces? High-gloss aluminum prints are shiny and hip. The colors on metal prints pop and accentuate deep contrasts. I recommend these prints for bold abstracts, landscape photography, black and white art, and pop art.

If your clients need artwork that is waterproof and weatherproof, you will want to promote metal prints (see fig. 2). The demand for outdoor art has grown with the trend toward outdoor living spaces. Outdoor art may be an area where you could increase sales with minimal marketing.


Acrylic Prints

For clients who want a contemporary look straight out of a Soho gallery, I recommend that you promote acrylic prints. Put your images on thick, high-gloss acrylic and you will satisfy client cravings for radiant, trend-setting art. The clarity is stunning because CG Pro Prints puts the image directly onto the acrylic itself instead of the photo paper underneath. Want your art to show with extra dimension and depth? I recommend that you try your images on acrylic (see fig. 3 - acrylic on left, compared to metal on right). I bet your clients will thank you!

Debby Neal_Acrylic Metal

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About Debbie Neal

Debby Neal is an award-winning, internationally-collected artist based in Seattle, Washington.  Her works can be seen in public and corporate installations across the country. Her art has been featured in West Elm Stores and is sold on Etsy.

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