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A good landscape photo is made up of multiple elements. Vibrant colors, dramatic light, captivating textures, and inviting subjects. A great landscape photo contains all of the above, which I why I prefer printing on acrylic over any other medium to highlight details that might be lost on paper.

Acrylic has the ability to display all of these with ease, allowing the colors to shine through with as much vibrance as possible. That dramatic light from a sunrise is just as warm and inviting as the morning it was captured, when you choose to print on CG Pro Prints High-Gloss Acrylic Prints. Textures of rock or sand are as sharp as the original photograph, and the clarity of your subjects make for an exceptional wall piece allowing the owner to feel as though they were standing in my very spot, taking in the surrounds and feeling the moment.


I choose to print with CG Pro Prints because they have really raised the bar for Acrylic printing industry. I love that my image is printed directly on the Acrylic substrate, rather than a photo adhered to the backside, which can often peel off and ruin the print. This assures me their Acrylic Prints are durable and will last a lifetime in my client's home. Pair that with a white UV flood coat for image protection, and youʼre left with a truly outstanding product.  

With a day job as a construction worker, I want to instill the same hard working mentality in my children. CG Pro Prints has created a product that when I come home, I have no worry putting my kids to work hanging up my art. They are lightweight and easy to manage - even my 6 year old had no problem handling them. The prints come packaged with a recessed float mount making them easy to level and screw into my wall. These photos can than be hung or removed from effortlessly in seconds.  This would be awesome for a studio or gallery that is constantly switching out their artwork too. The smaller prints, like the 8x20 and 8x10 require a different mounting process. One screw. Determine where you want your photo hung, drive the screw in, and slide the photo on. It really couldnʼt be easier.


CG Pro has continued to support my passion and bring my photos to life. They never cease to impress with their continued quality, and continue to amaze me and my family with an incredible Acrylic option that stands out with their durability and competitive pricing.

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Taylor Varnau

Taylor Varnau

Taylor Varnau is a landscape photographer based out of Bakersfield, CA. Born and raised in Colorado, he was born with a connection with the outdoors. Climbing his first fourteener at just two months old on his fathers back, a childhood of backpacking and skiing has given him a deep respect for the earth we live on. Finding a passion in photography just five years ago has allowed him to continue enjoying the outdoors in Southern California. Taylor served a four year term in the military straight out of high school. Stationed in Las Vegas, he met his soon to be wife and made the move to California. Now a construction worker by day, he utilizes his time after work to hit the beach or downtown Los Angeles to do what he really loves. Capturing the movement of water, clouds stirring throughout the sky, or the ceaseless nightlife of the city.