Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II: Lenses

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success: Part II

We'd like to welcome back Josh Fisher, of Josh Fisher Photography, an acclaimed Senior Portrait photographer who wrote our first Guest Blog post regarding his tips and tricks to senior portrait success (blog post here). Josh has returned to provide some additional support for Senior Portrait photographers, with his expertise on lenses and which ones contribute to selling the most senior portraits.

In addition, Josh's studio is launching a new brand of editing software called The Josh Fisher Editing Collection. Head to the end of the post to learn more about this software and enter the promotional giveaways from StickyAlbums, Finao and CG Pro Prints!

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

When going back and analyzing the data from my senior sessions, I actually learned that a lot more goes into selling a senior photo than simply the idea behind it. I discovered that there were certain lenses that actually contributed to selling more portraits than others…a lot more.

Let me back up a bit though.

When I first started out photographing senior portraits, I had no clue what I was doing. No really, I didn’t. I was using every lens in my lens bag just taking guesses at which ones would produce the best senior portraits. I would keep shooting and switching my lenses over and over trying to find something I liked. It was awful.

If you’re reading this and feel like I'm describing you, have hope!

I eventually figured it out. And once I did I started rocking it on my senior sessions. As I learned how to better use my gear and learn which lens was best for the shot, I was able to take the guess work out of it and best of all, start making more money. I began shooting for the sale.

When going back through my data and analyzing all my past senior sessions, I figured out that most of my portraits that sold were all shot with two lenses.

Crazy right?!

So I decided to sell every lens that wasn't making me money. I saw no reason to keep them.

Turns out, the 70-200mm and the 35mm were the two lenses that sold me the most portraits. So I started exclusively using those two lenses on my senior shoots. And yep, started selling more portraits.

Below are some examples of senior portraits I've shot and sold with these two lenses:


Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:


Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

Want more information on Josh's lens selection for senior portraits? Head to his blog to see the original post and continue reading as Josh breaks down each lens and explains why they work best for his business.

Secrets to Senior Portrait Success Part II:

If you want to take your Senior Portrait photography even further, Josh can help! Josh Fisher Photography is launching a new editing collection created by his brand for standout senior portraits. In addition to his new software, his studio has partnered with StickyAlbums, Finao and CG Pro Prints to offer great giveaways and aid in the promotion of this new editing collection. Continue reading to learn more and enter the giveaway!


"Today I am excited to announce a new brand created by me and the artists behind Josh Fisher Photography. For the past two years, I've been using an exclusive set of Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets. Exclusive because my team created them specifically for me and my brand. I’m calling it the Josh Fisher Editing Collection.

In a world of senior photographers that all look the same, I've been able to stand out in my local market and attract stylish seniors.

This has given me an unbelievable advantage over my competition. Over and over again my clients say how different my work is compared to everyone else. And they love it. And even better...they spend more money with me.

I've taken my entire fine-tuned workflow and packaged it up for other senior photographers to use. These are step-by-step recipes. No more messing around in Photoshop and Lightroom.

I’m also incredibly excited to say that CG Pro Prints, StickyAlbums and Finao have partnered up with me in doing giveaways for the launch of this product. So enter in the giveaway below and check out to learn more about The Josh Fisher Editing Collection."

- Josh Fisher

Do you shoot senior portraits? What lenses do you find work best for you? What about wedding photographers? What lenses do you use that are proven to add to your bottom line?

Josh Fisher