Swift Galleries Webinar: Sell Your Artwork, Not Your Soul

Chris Scott, of Swift Galleries, knows a thing or two about successfully selling wall art to his clients. After running a professional photography business, Chris made the transition from photographer to entrepreneur to help fellow photographers put more of their work into more of their clients' homes. In addition to Swift Galleries, Chris founded companies such as Preveal, Salesographer, and PayKit.io. With so many successful businesses under his belt, Chris has figured out various tricks of the photography trade, and learned how to sell more than $120,000 in physical wall art products a year. 

After reading Chris' impressive resume, we were so excited to partner with him on a live webinar event and share his extensive sales knowledge with our audience. If you missed the live webinar on Wednesday, April 26th, then you're in luck! Chris sent us a replay of his informative, educational, and valuable webinar presentation featuring his top three tips for succeeding with in-person sales. Through this webinar, you'll learn how to attract ideal clients who actually want to purchase wall art for their homes. You'll also learn why "showing it to sell" just doesn't cut it anymore, and what tactics will help instead. Chris even covers the best way to guide your clients through wall art purchases - without feeling like a sleazy sales person! 

In addition to these valuable sales tips, Chris provides a quick look into his intuitive wall art software, Swift Galleries, which will help you boost your wall art sales and exponentially grow your business, all for less than $20/month!

Sell Your Artwork, Not Your Soul

Webinar Recording by Chris Scott of Swift Galleries

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