Webinar Recording: Creating the Ideal Client Experience

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our FIRST live webinar event with Meredith Gradle of Iris Works! If you missed the webinar, you can catch the recording below. We've also included a summary of Meredith's top 5 tips for curating an ideal client experience and turning new customers into repeat clients.

Bonus! Download Meredith's Portrait Welcome Guide here.


5 Ways to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

How many of your clients come back to you every time they need their photos updated?

As much as we all love to get new clients in the door, repeat clients are amazing for your business. They already know the drill. From the booking process, to how the session goes, and purchasing products afterwards… they’ve done it all before! Everything is easier from start to finish.

They are also more likely to purchase products after their session than most new clients. Plus, if they are coming back, odds are they are happy clients who are already sharing your name with their friends! So how do you gain more repeat clients? Here are five ways you can create happy clients and keep them coming back to your business:

1) Over Deliver 

Have you ever heard of the phrase under promise, over deliver? It’s when you set your client’s expectations so in the end you are going above and beyond for them. If you normally tell your clients that your standard turn around time is 5 weeks, get their images done in two. Clients will be thrilled to receive them earlier than promised! This is only one of the ways you can over deliver for you clients. Find ways to go above and beyond in other aspects of your business too. Throw in an extra gift print for a client you really love, remember their birthdays, etc.

2) Be Easy to Work With

It sounds like a obvious tip, but make the experience with you fun and easy! Getting photos taken is not at the top of everyone’s favorite things list. Put yourself in their shoes, and make it a great experience for everyone involved. Be easy to work with in other ways by answering your emails in a timely manner and prepping your clients before their session with educational PDFs so they know what to expect.

3) Create a Connection

The best way to get repeat clients is to make sure that you are finding your ideal client from the start. They will be more connected with the final product that you are creating for them. How do we do that? Make sure you are consistently blogging, posting on social media, and updating your website with your voice. You want your clients to connect with who you are as a photographer. Also, get to know your clients by sending a questionnaire so that you can learn a lot about who they are before the session.

4) Create a Referral Program

If you have happy clients that love their photos, why not create a program that will give them an incentive to spread the word to their friends and family? Allow them to build credit toward a session or product purchase with each person they send your way. If you have a client that is always sending you clients, SPOIL them! Give them a free mini session or a canvas gift. Let them know you appreciate how they’ve helped your business grow.

5) Follow Up

Once the session is done and the products are delivered, don’t fall off the radar. Keep in touch with them and let them know you’re thinking about them by sending them a card on their birthdays or anniversaries. Call them up or email them after a year since their last session and let them know you want photograph their family again. Tell them you want to make sure you give them the best spot on your calendar in the summer or fall if they would like to book another session with you.

There are so many ways to get repeat clients, but the biggest way is to have excellent customer service and let your clients know you truly care about them. By utilizing these simple tasks in your business, you’re easily going to create repeat clients who will be coming back to you for years to come.


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