Webinar Recording: 5 Steps to Master Your Workflow


If you missed our webinar with Chip Gillespie, of StompSoftware, be sure to catch the replay (below) for some valuable tips on mastering your workflow and taking control of your to-do list. Chip shares his top 5 tips for steamlining your processes, outsourcing your menial or time-consuming tasks, and working smarter for your business. Be sure to catch the Q&A toward the end to hear Chip's answer to our audience's questions and learn even more tips for mastering your workflow - just in time for busy the busy summer season!

To read more about Chip's 5 steps for mastering your workflow, you can view his blog post here. You can also download Chip's top recommendations for Post Processing services here. 

We'll be hosting these webinars monthly so be sure to check your email for updates as we promote all of our upcoming events.


Megan Sievert