Wedding & Engagement Photography Contest: The Winners

Our latest photography contest aimed to celebrate the exciting summer wedding season that many of our client photographers have come to know and love! With this contest, we wanted to showcase our client's best wedding and engagement work from the 2017 season and highlight the many new techniques and styles that continue to develop within the ever-changing photography industry. We encouraged any style, subject, and techinique to be submitted within the Wedding & Engagement photography genre including bridal portraits, couples portraits, wedding candids, and detail shots. With over 100 entries and more than 3,000 votes received throughout the month of August, our photography contests continue to be a success for both us and our clients alike!

Each of our photography contests allow for two Grand Prize winners of $150 in print credit to be used at Our "Voter's Choice" Winner is determined by the most number of votes received, and our "Staff Selection" winner is chosen by a panel of CG Pro Prints staff judges. Our staff selects their favorite entries based on photography technique, subject matter, camera skill demonstrated, and various other photography analysis standards. These selections are then narrowed down to one Grand Prize winner and 8-10 "Honorable Mention" entries that are recognized on our blog and social media. As usual, we were thoroughly impressed with our contest entries which made the decision process quite challenging! Luckily, we were able to narrow down our favorites and are very excited to share the results with you!

Without further ado...

We're proud to announce the Voter's Choice, Staff Selection, and Honorable Mention winners of our 2017 Wedding & Engagement Photography Contest!

Voter's Choice Winner

"Family Always" by John Belknap
John B. Photography


"My cousin Megan & her husband Travis finally tied the knot with a country themed wedding after many years of dating.  Her little girl, Karsen, was just as excited as she and Travis have a special bond.  They are now true family."

Staff Selection Winner

"Rainy Day Wedding" by Kelsey Goodwin
K Good Photo


"Rain doesn't have to be a downer on your wedding day!"

Honorable Mentions

"Sunset Kiss" by Hector Islas
Hector Islas Photography


"Untitled" by Eric Maccarini
Maccarini Photography


"The couple is Alcione and Rodrigo. This was a 'love the dress' session; like a trash the dress session but we did not destroy the dress! I used my fuji xt1 + rokinon 12mm f8."

"The Song of Love" by Timothy Pham
Ardent Studio


"This was captured for the wedding of Vi (Bride) and Thai (Groom) at The Elm's Mansion in New Orleans."

"Painted Desert Romance" by Marquette Mower
Marquette LaRee


"The area this was taken in, locally called The Badlands, and is an extension of the Painted Desert in Northern Arizona. I love the desert and wide open spaces, so as soon as I saw the area, shortly after we had moved there, I was obsessed! The colors and the barren ground mesmerize me! It feels like you've stepped into a different world out there. I knew I needed to find a couple to take out there. I had taken Chandler and Marissa's wedding pictures just a few months before and was so grateful when they were willing to drive up to do a session in the Badlands. I sent them the color palette from the hills and ordered a skirt to match the red and they came dressed perfectly! This shot is one we got near the end of the session just before sunset. The hour before sunset, the hills "change" color...midday the purples and blues are more prominent, but right before sunset, the reds shine out in the most amazing way. The hills were vibrant, and Marissa and Chandler were snuggled in together just enjoying the last bit of sunset, and this picture was born. "


"Untitled" by Marek Kunicki
Marek K. Photography


"Bride and Groom at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens"

"Nick & Kate | Michigan Shores" by Emily Moelker
Emily Moelker Photography


"Under the Sea" by Jaimie Dee
Jaimie Dee Photography


🎶 "Under the sea, under the sea! Darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me!" 🎶
Erica & Gareth's engagement session at the Atlanta Aquarium was one of the most fun and creative engagement sessions we had last year! I must admit - even though they were behind the glass, the whale sharks did freak us out a bit when they swam up right next to us in the tank!"

"Bride with a City Halo" by Tony Chicas
Tony Chicas Photography


Chevron’s Circle Skywalk at 1400 Smith, Houston, Texas
Formally known as:  Enron Skywalk

"Last Kiss Goodnight" by Loren Noyes
Adore Wedding Photography


"Last shot of the night, make it count! This shot was taken at the end of an engagement session for Chas + Ashley, this summer. It was an extremely hot day and we thought what better way to call it a night than having a quick dip in the pool."



Congratulations to both of our winners and all of our honorable mention entries! We are constantly in awe of the talent and skill showcased by our clients and are so proud to print your work for your own clients to enjoy for years to come! You can see the rest of the contest entries here.

Megan Sievert