October Portrait Photography Contest: The Winners

It's time to announce our Portrait Photo Contest winners. The suspense has nearly been too much! We asked for your best portrait-style photo. It could have been your pet, a person, whatever your muse may be. All in all, we received 240 incredible entries. It was almost too hard for our expert panel of judges to pick. Some entries were amazing at capturing implied motion in their subjects. Some had eye-catching compostion that really drew us in. Some told a natural story without a word. We ultimately tried to find photos that were the most unique and the most techinically difficult to capture. 

Each of our photography contests allow for two Grand Prize winners of $150 in print credit to be used at CGProPrints.com. Our "Voter's Choice" Winner is determined by the most number of votes received, and our "Staff Selection" winner is chosen by the panel of CG Pro Prints staff judges, mentioned above. These selections were then narrowed down to one Grand Prize winner and 8-10 "Honorable Mention" entries that are recognized on our blog and social media.  We're very excited to share the results with you.

Here we go! 

Voter's Choice Winner

"Fading Blue" by Scott Gianchetta
The Photo Box


Staff Selection Winner

"The Sugar Cane Seller" by Larry Hammons
Larry Hammons Photography



Honorable Mentions

"Untitled" by Amanda Whitegiver
Wild Orchard Studios


"We had planned all day to go to the beach when my husband go home. As we drove to a small local point, clouds began to gather. When we arrived, there was a slight breeze and the sun was completely hidden, but the water was warm from the sunny day and warm water from the tidal rivers flowed around us as they went out with the tide. My oldest daughter sat down in the warm water and gazed thoughtfully past me as she began one of her elaborate imaginations. I love her creative soul and the soft light we found at the ocean that overcast evening."


"Lost Love" by Barbara MacFerrin
Barbara MacFerrin Photography


"Little Lumberjack" by Austin Johnson 
It Was Always You


"The Scotsman" by Scott Read
SER Photography



"Exploring Around" by Isaac Subillaga
Issac S. Photography


"Little Sunshine" by Melissa Treen
Melissa Treen Photography


"Senior 2017" by Ashley Garrett
Ashley Garrett Photography


"Little Sisters!" by Brooke Blanchard


"Make a Wish" by Michaela Ristaino
Ristaino Photography


"Untitled" by Jennifer Parrello
Jennifer Parrello Photography


"I guess 'Farty the Shark' was pretty funny..."



Congratulations to both of our winners and all of our honorable mention entries! We are constantly in awe of the talent and skill showcased by our clients and are so proud to print your work for your own clients to enjoy for years to come! You can see the rest of the contest entries here.

AJ McDonald