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This month's What’s In My Bag features Jasmine Norris-Dixson, of Jasmine Norris Photography, based in Lafayette, IN.  Jasmine is an award winning photographer with over 100 publications and her portfolio can be found here.  Learn about her go-to photography gear and how it may help you at your next Wedding. 

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1. Camera & Lenses    

Nikon D750

This is currently my main camera and I love it and the amazing low light capabilities that it has!  We currently bring two of these with us on a wedding day, one for me and one for my second shooter. This is also the camera that comes along with me for engagement sessions.  We also bring along a Nikon D610 as our backup camera. 

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Sigma Art 50 1.4mm, Sigma Art 85 1.4mm

I’m a huge Sigma Art lens fan!  I love the images that they produce.  The 35mm and 50mm are my most used lens.  They match my photography style the best and I use them for pretty much all engagement sessions and for pretty much every part of the wedding day.  The 85mm produces gorgeous images but I don’t use it as much; I usually just will use it for couple portraits.

Nikon 70-200mm 2.8G II ED

This lens is a must have if you are a wedding photographer.  You need a great long lens for the ceremony portion of the day.  I only use this lens during the ceremony. It allows me to stay off to the side and in the back of the ceremony so I don’t block the view for guests while allowing me to get close shots. Plus it works great in low light situations.

Vivitar Macro Filters

I’m going to preface these filters by saying that Macro Filters are not for everyone.  However, I love them! I use these filters exclusively for ring shots during the wedding day and at engagement sessions.  I have a Macro lens but I always reach for these bad boys instead. I know I’m the odd photographer here but these really work wonders for me!

Nikon D750 - Jasmine NorrisSigma Art - Jasmine NorrisNikon 70-200mm 2.8G II ED - Jasmine Norris

2. Gear

Panasonic Enloop Pro Batteries

I can not say enough great things about Eneloop Pro batteries!  These are what we use in our flashes. They recycle fast and will hold a charge for a full wedding day.

Ring Boxes, Silks, Wax Seals

I bring along some ring boxes and silks on wedding days in case I need to add something to the wedding detail shots.  

Command Hook

Command hooks can be a lifesaver for shots of the wedding gown!  I always keep one in my bag and a box in the trunk of my car. I can easily hang one up anywhere for the wedding dress and then remove it without any damage to the venue.

Clear Umbrellas and a Towel

As a wedding photographer, you need to have an umbrella in your kit!  At some point it will rain on a wedding day. The clear umbrellas are great because they still allow light through and don’t stand out too much.  Along with the umbrellas, I also keep a towel in the trunk of my car. If it’s a rainy day or if it rained the day before, sometimes the ground can be wet or muddy which will worry brides.  They won’t want to go out and have their dress touch the ground. I will have my bride stand on the towel and make sure her dress is on the towel as well. I then tuck the remaining towel under her dress so it’s hidden.  The bride gets a dry dress and I can still get pretty outdoor portraits!

Ringly Ringly - Jasmine Norris

Ringly is a smart ring (they also have bracelets)!  You set it up to your phone and it notifies you through vibrates and lights for different notifications.  On wedding days I keep my phone in my bag so I don’t know when it goes off. I set up my Ringly so I’ll only get notifications if my second shooter or couple contacts me!  I prefer this to a smart watch since I don’t need to know every time I get an email or Instagram notification.

Jo Totes Gracie Bag

This is my favorite camera bag!  I wear this on wedding days and for engagement sessions.  It fits a ton so I can really pack it full if I need to.

House Of Flynn Rolling Camera Suitcase

I purchased this bag this past wedding season and it’s a lifesaver!  I used to carry all of my lens and equipment on me for wedding days but it really started to kill my back.  With this rolling suitcase, I put my lens that I’m not currently using in this and then can switch them out for the different portions of a wedding day.  It has adjustable padded velcro dividers so I can make it fit all my lens and cameras.

House of Flynn Rolling Camera Suitcase - Jasmine NorrisJo Totes Gracie Bag - Jasmine Norris


Learn more about Jasmine Norris below and checkout her beautiful portfolio!  

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Jasmine Norris

Jasmine Norris

Jasmine Norris-Dixson is an award winning and published wedding photographer for the romantic and joyful couples who want their wedding day to be authentic. Rooted in the belief that an image should last a lifetime, she captures the joy and love, the laughter and tears, the little details and the big events not just for her couples but for the generations to come. Her work has been featured in over 100 publications including The Knot, Bridal Guide, Rock n’ Roll Bride, Gay Weddings, Huffington Post, and more.