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Welcome back to What’s In My Bag! This month, join Veronica Yankowski, New Jersey wedding, family, and boudoir photographer, of VeroLuce Photography.. Learn with us her must-haves and fun-to-have for a successful shoot! 

So what’s in my bag?  That’s a great question.  Aside from used batteries, vendor business cards and other random goodies I find after an event that I dump in there (usually napkins from cocktail hour), I definitely have some “must haves” that I just can't live without.  Although...“my bag” tends to mean the trunk of my car because that’s where most of my gear and accessories live.  But my hope is to inspire you, so I will show you what I take on most sessions in a neat and organized way and you can then choose to believe that’s exactly how my bag looks. It will make me feel better.


Generally speaking, I have 2 bags I carry: one containing my light stands and lighting equipment and one with my camera gear.  Depending on the type of session I have (event, portrait, family, boudoir etc) that’s how I determine how much I need to lug out of my car.

1. The Camera  

Obviously I have my main camera. I use a Nikon d750.  My d600 is on me for emergencies.  I’m a huge fan of keeping my gear as simple and as light as possible. I tend to shoot with prime lenses and travel fairly lightly.  

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2. The Gear

Weddings: When shooting an event like a wedding, I’ll have on me my camera and backup camera, 5 lenses, 135 f2, 85 1.8, 60 2.8 macro 50 1.8 and my 10-24 3.5-4.5. I have 2 flashes, a Nikon 700 and Godox 685 and 2 Godox ad200‘s with transmitters. I can’t work without my magmod gear so I keep that on hand at all times. I usually have 2-3 magspheres, 2 grids, a magbeam and an entire package of creative gels. I lose these quite often so depending on what I’ve left behind somewhere I’m constantly reordering. I also have chargers for all of my equipment, extra batteries, business cards, extra memory cards and what I call “the fun stuff.” I have several fairy lights of different colors I can use for bokeh, I have metal ring I can use to help create sun flare and the “ring of fire.” And because I’m not getting any younger, I have my stock of ibuprofen and lidocaine patches that I keep on hand as well tampons, and extra phone charger. My partner Boris and I also are sure to get into every photo booth we can so I have a collection of those images over the years and some stay in my bag and make me smile.

Looking into my trunk, you’ll see my Think Tank Airport Navigator on wheels, which is a must have for me to transport my gear.

I have my lightstand bag with all of my lighting equipment, chargers, gels etc. To the right is my Shootsac Lens bag that I carry on portrait shoots and some weddings as it’s lightweight and I can move quickly with my gear at my fingertips. I also have my Westcott Ice Light that I primarily use for boudoir shoots. It’s light and easy and works perfectly in the locations where I shoot my boudoir sessions. but I’ve been know to use it for a portrait, as well. What you’ll also notice is that I keep some extra clothes and shoes in my car “just in case.” I also have my Smove smartphone gimbal for my cell phone for behind the scenes shooting and some extra goodies like a bubble machine for some creative shots and those two white containers I purchased for a beach shot I did last fall where the groomsmen and my assistant threw buckets of water behind the couple on the beach. I never know when they’ll come in handy so I always have it in my trunk.

So now you know “what’s in my trunk!”



About Veronica Yankowski

Veronica L. Yankowski is an international award-winning photographer specializing in documentary style events, soulful portraits, and empowering boudoir. Veronica began her career in 1996 after earning her degree in journalism (cum laude) from Rider University. She worked part-time for The Trentonian for two years before freelancing for some of the area’s top news outlets, such as The Star Ledger, The New York Times, and The Associated Press. After the birth of her daughter in 2005, Veronica shifted gears and left the news world to begin her portraiture business. It wasn’t until 2012 that she branded her company VeroLuce Photography; “veroluce” is Italian for “truth and light.” Known for her soulful portraits, she expanded her business by creating Veroluce Boudoir in 2013. That same year, reality TV star Dina Manzo of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” posed for a boudoir session, establishing Veronica as an expert in photographing women and helping them feel empowered.


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