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We're excited to welcome a new author on the blog for the latest 'What's In My Bag' feature: Kathleen Elizabeth, documentary photographer & videographer. Read more to learn the essential tools she uses to capture authentic snapshots of life in her portraits and how she's transitioning her photography business into full-time RV living with a family of five!

Being a documentary family photographer, I usually only have to rely on my camera and my 35mm lens to capture the stories of all the families I photograph. However, now that my family and I are preparing to venture off into traveling the country in an RV, I wanted to start incorporating videos to document our adventures. Video is a different type of beast, and requires a few extra accessories. Below are some of my favorites that I make sure to always have on hand in my bag!


1. Camera & Lenses

Canon 6D: My current favorite camera body because it’s great in low light and is not super heavy. That’s important when holding it with one hand while vlogging! kathleenelizabeth_family_web

Sigma Art 35mm F/1.4 Art, Sigma 24mm F1.4/Art: My absolute favorite lens is the 35mm. It is wide enough to capture the entire scene, but also photographs details beautifully. It rarely ever comes off of my camera. I also love the 24mm lens for dramatic landscape photos, and also for vlogging.

 GoPro HERO7: I use the GoPro a lot because it’s extremely portable and it makes recording action video shots a breeze. It is also my go-to for time-lapses. I LOVE the GoPro for time-lapses and it is what I use it for the most.

2. Gear & Accessories

kathleenelizabeth_forest_webIntervalometer Timer Remote: I use this for taking self-portraits of myself with my family. I can set how much time between shots so I don’t have to hit the shutter button every single time. It allows me to get multiple shots, which is necessary when photographing our family of five!

3-Axis Gimbal: Captures super smooth and stable video. This is a newer gadget, but will be put to use immediately when we set out on our journey.
Manfrotto Mini Tripod: This mini tripod packs a big punch. I use this because it has different attachments for the phone, GoPro, and my DSLR. It is extremely versatile and I use it all the time!

Microphone: Improves audio for videos. At first I didn’t think it was going to be that important, but now anytime we are filming I make sure this is on my camera.

iPhone: Don’t underestimate the power of your phone! I use this when I don’t have my other gear on hand. I am a firm believer in using what you have when you have it. I’d hate to miss a moment because I’m too concerned about having the perfect gear, so if my phone is all I have with me I will use it!

GOGroove Backpack: This is the perfect lightweight backpack, and is also perfect for hiking. It’s waterproof, has compartments for my camera and lenses and a spot for a tripod. There is even a space in the back for a laptop.

Other accessories: Batteries + chargers, Flex Clamp for GoPro, GoPro attachments, memory cards


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Kathleen White

Kathleen White

Kathleen is a wife, mother, and storyteller. She is a natural light photographer in love with telling compelling stories of life’s beautiful chaos. Her passion is photographing families authentically and helping people see their life from a different perspective. Kathleen has been featured on many nationally recognized blogs as well as published in magazines and is currently preparing to travel fulltime in an RV with her husband and three kids.