Jonny Edward

Jonny is an internationally-published, award-winning photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Though he is best known for his portraiture, fashion, and fine-art work, he is also an accomplished creative director and educator|mentor. Forever fascinated with, and intrigued by the photographic craft, Jonny revels in the opportunity to creatively interweave his two great passions; people and art. He considers it a privilege and honor, every time an individual steps in front of his lens, and is driven by the challenge of creating authentic, engaging, visual narratives. As an educator and mentor, Jonny strives to empower others in the photo-sphere with the knowledge, skills, and self-assuredness to realize their own respective creative projects and artistic vision(s). When he’s not behind the camera, or immersed in Photoshop, you can find Jonny savoring coffee, penning poetry, lifting heavy things, herding cats, shopping for fabric & props, painting backdrops, watching The Simpsons, or exploring the grandiose realms of nature.
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